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Tom Wheeler

Business Broker - Victoria & NSW

About Me

With a long history of business management, from being a General Manager at a large hotel to managing a Ford dealership, Tom has the unique ability to relate to people quite easily and make them feel like an old friend. Over the years, he has built quality relationships with his clients, taking the stress out of the process, because he asks the right questions to get the process moving, putting his clients at ease. His ability to bring new ideas to the processes, helping his business owners think outside the box, makes Tom a guiding light for all those who want a successful business sale.

Business broking takes Tom’s car sales and pub management skills to the next level. As Tom understands profit and loss statements, the necessary factors to make a business successful, and the need to communicate with staff, clients and suppliers, he deconstructs the businesses to find the weak areas allowing the mechanics of the strong points to come together to strengthen the business’ vitality. It’s a slow process for some businesses, as some business owners have high expectations including a quick turnaround, but once they see how Tom can help them, they feel more confident in the process and that it will beneficial for the overall sale.  

Tom’s refreshing face can be seen servicing clients from Geelong to Mount Gambier. He is a General Business Broker, so can help with anything from hardware stores to cafes, milk bars to mechanics, agriculture supplies to arborists. His clients see Tom as new and fresh in the industry, as he breathes innovation into their marketing campaign. He is happy to hold your hand through the whole process, talking to accountants and legal to best strategize your sale. He prides himself on his ability to deliver on key commitments and his open communication.

Tom’s competitive energy is what makes him a success in business broking. He is a team player, laid back yet supportive and caring, and always there when you need him most. 

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