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Mal Ross

Business Broker - Victoria

About Me

Mal began his business broking career in 2017, off the back of 30 years in industrial and engineering sales, as well as 8 years owning his own motel. Clients feel comfortable with Mal as he too has gone through the process of owning and selling businesses, so he understands his clients’ perspectives, making him relatable and compassionate to their needs.

As a General Business Broker, Mal takes a genuine interest in your business. He sees how it affects your family life, your finances and your wellbeing. He looks at what you want to achieve in the sale, and becomes proficient in your product knowledge, your customers and your ethics so he can do his utmost best to talk about your business as if it were his own, to attract the best buyer.

Mal works the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland region for CRE Brokers. He specialises in all sort of businesses, from IT companies, mechanics workshop and cafes and supermarkets to supermarkets. His practical minded nature ensures he follows through with what’s needed and communicates all the necessary information to his clients so they can make an informed decision on where to go with their sale.

Growing up on a farm, Mal understands all about hard work and empathises with his clients. After spending decades running his own businesses, Mal now enjoys his time tinkering in the shed with his woodwork or restoring a boat. He is an avid Richmond supporter, loves his Golden Retrievers and Border Collie, travelling around in the caravan with his beloved wife and spending time with his two adult sons.

Mal can be contacted on 0427 572 718 or

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